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World Health Organisation (WHO) releases ICD-11: 5 things to know

After more than a decade in the making, the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases has been released by the World Health Organization.

The ICD serves as a foundation for identifying global health trends and statistics and is used by health insurers whose reimbursements depend on ICD coding.

Five things to know:

1. The new edition carries about 55,000 codes for injuries, diseases and causes of death. By comparison, the 10th edition had 14,400 codes. And for the first time, the ICD is completely electronic.

"A key principle in this revision was to simplify the coding structure and electronic tooling. This will allow healthcare professionals to more easily and completely record conditions,"

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Original source - Megan Knowles, Becker's Hospital Review, 19 June 2018

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