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Health Governance and Regulation

Healthcare personnel


Staff working in the health sector are its most priced assets. Unless the government provides an environment in which HCP can work effectively and remunerates them appropriately, we will continue to experience the migration of personnel to countries willing to offer a better condition of service.


Monitoring healthcare in Nigeria


Who assesses and monitors the quality of hospitals in Nigeria




  • Clinical governance

  • Board engagement




  • Professional regulators

  • The Public Service Commission



Assessing hospital quality


Two ways:


  • inspections and the inspection teams must be fit for purpose

  • The use of statistical data.


  • Management Boards have to act on findings

  • Transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals



Quality officers with knowledge and skills in three areas:

  1. Technical skills (can assess and understand the range of improvement techniques);

  2. Relational and behavioural skills to provide leadership and vision

  3. Awareness and understanding of current healthcare policy developments that affect quality.



Staff Training and Development

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