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There are many patients waiting for organ transplants - We need donors


Join Prof Rotimi Jaiyesimi with Ekanem Robertson tonight 9pm (GMT) 13 January Sunday on the EKSHOW in Facebook Live to discuss organ donation. Transplants save lives. Who are the donors?

Organ and tissue donation saves or drastically improves the lives of thousands of people every year and there is very strong support for organ donation within the English population.

Over 80% of adults in England say they would definitely, or would consider, donating their organs, but only 37% of the UK population have registered as donors on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

However, at any one time there are around 6000 people on the transplant waiting list and on average three people die each day in the UK in need of an organ transplant.

Let‘s explore this thorny moral and ethical issue that saves lives

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