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COVID-19: Nigerians and Nigeria need to do more

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a new respiratory virus that has spread globally infecting 1,198,588 people and resulting in 64,636 deaths. The first case of the infection was reported on 28 February 2020 and ever since the Federal Ministry of Health and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and others have worked hard to identify

and manage patients with Covid-19, However, the number of confirmed cases has risen to 214 and 4 deaths reported.

The alarming issue in spite of current efforts to contain the spread of the disease is the steep trajectory of infected cases

Nigerians & Nigeria need to flatten the rising curve of infected people through social distancing, staying at home & hand hygiene. Lockdown have been imposed on Lagos State, Abuja and Ogun State in an effort to contain the disease.

Social distancing is important in that it prevents the spread of the virus from person to person. This is a difficult ask in a nation that lacks basic infrastructure, a high poverty rate and the socio-economic impact.

While this is deplorable, most Nigerians have endured and survived. The pandemic has a fatality rate of 1 - 8%. Nigeria’s fatality rate might be higher than other countries given our poorly equipped and under-staffed health system.

The government needs to continue in its efforts to educate the populace on precautionary measures. The bone of contention by citizens is how to meet the basics of life, income generation and putting food on the table. The COVID-19 Presidential Task Force must come up with ideas as to how to ensure a stable food supply chain and distribution.

While trying to achieve the social distancing or stay at home advice, we ask that the barbaric measures that have been seen on social media being meted on civilians by law enforcement agents must stop.

We sound the alarm bells now to prevent a catastrophe in our nation. Nigerians, please let us Save Lives by Staying at Home.

Credit - Graph from Worldometer

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