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OUR HOPE - THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA President and Commander-in- Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, take over the running of the affairs of Nigeria. Their election is unprecedented and brings a new opportunity for Nigerians and Nigeria to reorientate and redirect itself to greatness.

Change was the mantra that won the new government the mandate, and Nigerians expect to see, embedded within all aspects of society, positive change. However, to become a country we can be proud of, all Nigerians and not the leaders of Local, State and Federal governments, need to tread the path of honesty and social justice. The rule of law needs to be the abiding principle of this government if it wants to deliver good governance and bring about the desired changes.

This platform, the Nigerian Health Service (NHS), as its name implies, focusses on the health sector for the simple reason that the richest resource of a nation is its people. The growth of Nigeria is dependent on a healthy workforce. The main determinants to health include

  1. Our economy - which has to be managed wisely and prudently. The effect of corruption on all aspects of the Nigeria society is strikingly obvious. This must stop. A healthy economy allows government to meet its obligation to the people. Fair distribution of the nation's wealth ensures the affordability of basic essential services

2. Our health The health of individual people and their communities are affected by a wide range of contributory factors. People's good or bad health is determined by their environment and situations - what is happening and what has happened to them. The WHO says that the following factors probably have a bigger impact on our health than access and use of health care services: ▪ Where we live ▪ The state of our environment ▪ Genetics ▪ Our income ▪ Our education level ▪ Our relationship with friends and family

When we are physically and mentally well there will be an attendant reduction in the utilisation of health services. However, a society that has access and uses good quality health services is more likely to enjoy better health than one that doesn't. It is for these reasons that our hope is that the new Governments at the three levels will provide Nigerians with universal quality healthcare.

Today witnesses the dawn of a new era. We wish the new team success in its pursuit of a great Nigeria. Nigerians - Congratulations. Our hope is that the Eagle will fly again and to greater heights.

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