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Please voice your concerns if you are worried that your relation is not getting better. Ask for a second opinion. Australia has the Ryan's Rule - a new introduction for people to seek alternative review. We in Nigeria may not have that type of system in place but the time has come when healthcare professionals should take repeated concerns raised by patients or their families seriously. Think twice as a further review or reflection may save lives.

Below is what led to Ryan's Rule

Ryan Saunders, was nearly three years old when he tragically died in hospital. His death was found to be, in all likelihood, preventable. Staff did not know Ryan as well as his mum and dad knew him. When Ryan’s parents were worried he was getting worse they didn’t feel their concerns were acted upon in time. Ryan’s Rule has been developed to provide patients of any age, families and carers with another way to get help. Ryan's Rule can be found on search engines - Google, Bing etc

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