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  • Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi

Nigeria and Global Health Issues in 2018

The mission of this Page is to act as a voice for safe and quality care in Nigeria. The Page will continue to educate on health issues and call on policy makers to make the health of Nigerians a priority.

Readers of the New Year message may have got a hint that this Page has made a conscious decision to discuss health issues beyond Nigeria. This decision is based on the fact that the world is now a global village. An outbreak of a disease in one part of the world can spread to Nigeria.

The Ebola crisis is an example. Disease patterns also have similar underlying factors. Maternal mortality is unacceptable high in Nigeria. Nigerians are black. More black women die as a result of pregnancy in America (USA). Why? What is the link? It is in the exploration of other global health issues that this Page hopes Nigeria can learn from the experiences of other nations.

Readers will come across topics that affect other nations but are relevant to Nigeria. Having said this, the focus remains on advocating that our government provides accessible, efficient, effective and safe healthcare to ALL Nigerians.

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