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BUHARI - The task ahead

The incoming Government has a herculean task ahead of it in all areas of governance. Our expectation is not an overnight achievement of utopia. Reliable evidence of progressive small steps of improvements will provide Nigerians that the three tiers of government are committed to the change we clamoured for and which they promised.

Previous incoming governments, military or civilian, have described hospitals in Nigeria as mere consulting rooms. There are small pockets of good practice in the county but the Nigerian health sector as a whole needs radical treatment. The Mo Ibrahim index places Nigeria's healthcare as 47th out of 52 African nations. A sad reflection of our health system.

** The health economy ** Provision of quality healthcare is expensive and investment in this sector as in other sectors of our society needs to be accounted for by all employees. Diversion of diesel, stationary, drugs and equipment meant for primary, secondary and tertiary centres must be stopped. Cost-effective procurement and effective use of resources by health administrators and healthcare professionals is of essence. The budgetary allocation for health needs to be increased and the funds spent wisely and prudently.

** Training of Healthcare professionals ** Nigerians are intelligent people but have been let down by the training facilities required to produce world class professionals. Nursing, Medical, Laboratory schools and other allied professional training schools need to be properly equipped, well-staffed and properly led. The leadership of any institution is of utmost importance for they, alongside their teams, are the drivers of positive change.

'‪#‎Each Nigerian Life is Priceless

Long articles tend to lose its readership and for this reason will hang my pen for now on Nigeria's health sector; more to come shortly

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